Exposed Aggregate

Exposed Aggregate is concrete, which has the surface of the finished concrete “exposed” to reveal the aggregates in the concrete. It is very popular throughout New Zealand for its hardwearing surface and. It is especially suited to driveways and high traffic areas.

Things to remember with Exposed Aggregate: –

  • It is a natural product; therefore you always get inconsistencies within a job. The stone density, depth of
    exposure and colour of stones do vary even within small concrete slabs. This is to be expected and part of the
    reason it is so popular.
  • It is a messy job. The surface of the concrete is has a surface retardant sprayed on the concrete when the concrete is still in its plastic state, which stops the surface hardening. The following day, the surface is then
    water blasted off to reveal the aggregate. Although all care is taken, it is still a messy job. Our team do a
    thorough clean up but some mess is to be expected.
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