Will my concrete crack?

Yes. A common misconception with concrete is that your new concrete will not crack. Cracking is a very frequent cause of complaint in the concrete industry. Cracks in concrete can be the result of or a combination of a number of factors. These include, drying shrinkage (The most common), thermal contraction, subgrade settlement, applied heavy loads and Christchurch’s specialty, earthquakes!
All though we use all possible measures and best practice, cracks will occur! All steps are taken at the preparation, placing and finishing stage (excavation and base preparation)
and there are a number of steps taken during and after the concrete is placed. We go into this in further detail in your homeowner booklet.

Does my concrete need to have cuts in it?

Definitely.  The cuts in the concrete helps induce a crack in the concrete along the cut.  We cover this in great depth in your homeowner booklet.


Do you add steel reinforcing to the new concrete?
Only if the client requests it. As a rule of thumb, most insurance works are like for like also. When dealing direct with the client, we will only add reinforcing if it is requested.
Should I add steel reinforcing to my new concrete?
We absolutely recommend it. Although steel mesh does not necessarily prevent cracking in concrete, it does help hold it together. Also, if cracks do develop, they will stay far finer than would otherwise if there no steel mesh.

Any more questions?

Please feel free to either email us or call us to discuss any questions you may have.