Can my project be priced off a plan?

Yes definitely.  We recommend it.  If you have a house plan or landscape plan, we can price the works quite accurately off that.  You can upload your plans on our contact page


How long will it take to complete my job?

Every job has its own quirks. Typically by the time all of the stages are complete, the works will take around two to three weeks.
With each quotation sent out, you will receive our homeowner information booklet. In this booklet it clearly outlines the whole process from start to finish.

From the time I accept your quotation, how long before you can start work onsite?

From the time of quotation acceptance, generally around 3 weeks. Sometimes sooner if we have other projects starting sooner close by.

I have seen a fancy picture of a concrete area on the internet. Can you do my property the same?

More than likely.  Our large team has a experience in all forms of hard surfacing.  Send us a picture of what you are after and we can give you our advice.

Any more questions?

Please feel free to either email us or call us to discuss any questions you may have.